by Nachtlieder

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Released by Unmerciful Death Productions (US).


released March 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Nachtlieder Sweden

Nachtlieder is the Black Metal outlet of Dagny Susanne.

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Track Name: A Spell of Good Fortune
Suppressed in winters cold
Hopelessness embrace
Rime covers a marble statue

Heavy fall in winters mist
Death's embrace
The still life now obscure

Thy will be done
This withering crop
Thy will be done
This decaying corpse

Memories of a life deported
Surrender to life's fortune
And never again inure pain
Track Name: Deviation
Soothing humming of a lost thought
Fills the cold winter night
And insight sparkles in a troubeled mind

The Beast will rise
And the spreading mist
Lay soft as velvet

Behind glass
of the crippled wolf
A state until perfection

A silky texture cover red pulsating veins
The pale skin ripped apart
to reveal crawling insects inside
Track Name: A Meager Escapism
Breach through moment by moment
To satisfy your hunger and thirst
But the taste is bitter
The well was dry
Track Name: Leave the View to the Rats
It transforms
in a discord of emotion
Body torn and cursed
Flitter of expression

Brace itself for the greatest war
Call to it's weapon of choice
In this world call voices
doomed forever to ignorance

Sharpened scythe untie knots in the mind
All the answers soon to be revealed
So close to the morbid transgressions
Open the cage to set them free

It advances
Forward on the vast fields
A calm dance of death in a dreamlike swirl

Human sacrifice
Shun these loathsome parasites
That violate decency
My own integrity
Track Name: Sing My Last Breath
Sing my last breath and voice my apprehension
breaking the tention
the rush of blood and oxygen is waning in my veins
I sense the four horses tugging at their reins

Let their hooves batter the ground, like my heart against my ribs
their tracks glow white and eerie, like the palor of my lips

My life force is frozen within a timeless vault
to be joined with nothing and it's all your fault
But I will take you, I will break you
I'll find you when you're weak and I will make you pay

What possesed you to do this?
What possesed you let me fall
allowing me to go through this
I'd rather never have lived at all

So sing my last breath and voice my wrath
of finding my soul as tainted as glass
the rush of nothingness enveloping me
I fear what is there that I cannot see

what possesed you to think holy water could save you
I burn as I am spent but I come now to claim you

So sing my last breath
and voice my distress
as you fall alongside me
through the veil
Track Name: Beyond Death
I will become one with chaos
Truth guides me from deep within
Force yourself not upon me
I will never be touched

Tedious paintings, your creation
will never satisfy my lust
Yet the concept of your horde keep stinging me always
I never will be cured
Cannot overthrow my concept

Your words are nausiating to me
as mine are riddles in your ears
I will not surrender to your lust your lies your life
your colours are not mine
your crafting not my paradigm

Helpless prey
slowly decaying
on rotten soil

This body might be weak
and outnumbered by yours
But this art is mine
... beyond death

So force yourself not upon me
I will never be touched
Truth guides me from deep within
I will become one with chaos
Track Name: Vengeance
Diffuse landscapes passing by
Isolated by a blurry vail
Remorse, she feels not
She feels not trust nor ache nor hate

Perfection is the way
Brought by storm in the minds of them all
Give in to the urge
Restless is the heart

Nausia stings
Blood cures
Numb the frustration
Blood of insignificant and weak

Born in cruelty
Torture, the air that she breathes

Silent hunter
Dreamlands realm
Berserk hunter
Lifeless shell